Type 2 Diabetes is constantly in the news, my partner has it (family genetics), and studies are showing since Lockdown 1.0 the general publics weight has increased due to lack of exercise and over eating (bored? yep I know I was! plus menopausal so the weight fell right back on) this led me back to the one 2 one diet - why? because its easy, no calorie counting, no group weigh ins, just a simple to follow weight plan that gives results - fast and consistently!

I lost a stone in 5 weeks - the first 3 days are tough, but once you're body starts to burn fat your hunger diminishes and that's when the weight loss happens - your self confidence grows, you can fit into smaller clothes (a win for me!) I'm not so breathless or tired either. I feel so much better watching my BMI decrease from obese now down to 'overweight' - thus improving my chances of not developing Type 2 diabetes and making sure I live the best life possible. I decided to join the company as a consultant becomes I have been exactly where you are right now! and I am still on the journey - so come and join me wherever you are in the country and lets get you to where you want to be! Healthy and positive - can we do it? YES WE CAN! #one2onediet #weightloss #lovetheskinyourin #healthyyou #one2oneconsultant #type2diabetes #loveyourself #bmi #menopause #menopauseweightloss #one2oneconsultantaxminster #virtualweightlossconsultant

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