Babies! How birth trauma affects the system...

I had the privilege this week of meeting a beautiful soul who entered the world four weeks ago! After a long labour and some issues with his heart rate he was born using a Venthouse.

He was a happy but snuffly baby and having issues with constipation - his mum had asked me to visit to treat him a their home.

Using some massage and Cranial Sacral Techniques I helped his body come back into natural alignment whilst ensuring his delicate cranium bones were not fixing out of place. A cervical bone (in neck) was slightly misplaced so a gentle movement helped his Cranial fluid move more effectively.

He was a very chilled, happy customer and I thoroughly enjoy having the pleasure of baby cuddles without doing all the hard work!

Prolonged labours and difficult births can put pressure on parts of the babies body and subsequently as they grow can create issues - I have treated Colic, reflux and flat head syndrome successfully with these simple yet effective techniques.

Happy baby and happy parents!

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