Who am I?

This is my first blog - after years of debating spreading my 'word' or sharing my knowledge, today is the day I decided to do just that.

After shuffling two contrary children off to school this morning and returning to witness the never ending carnage that I encounter most days - I retreated to my room with my laptop to write this.

I write this blog as a mother of four (yes that's right, four!) cherubs who are something of

a challenge but also a delight and a revelation. I never planned to be a mother - I never anticipated the path I would follow whilst raising them.

I am a healer, something I have known since childhood but fought against and tried to conform - but the world is shifting, myself and others are 'waking up'. I do not have all the answers that people waking seek but I am know where I am going and I hope you will travel alongside me on this awakened path.

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