Soul connections....

are unique meetings with other parts of your soul tribe, this connections are on a deep, spiritual level and are eternal.

They are not necessarily a lover or partner but can be your children, family members and friendship circle. When you meet someone from your soul tribe you feel an immediate 'connection' that is unexplainable, you feel comfortable, at ease and as you have known each other forever - because you have, in many other lifetimes.

I truly believe that all four of my children are an integral part of my soul tribe and the missing parts of my soul - when we come together we are powerful and awakened beings.

I have met many 'friends' on my journey and have believed them to be part of my soul tribe - because I have enjoyed their company and felt unconditional love and affection but as I now continue to grow spiritually I find that my actual soul tribe is coming forward and we are gathering together to support each other and the planet.

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